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League Information

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 South Central Athletic Conference

League Information



1.  ZONE 2 CONSTITUTION (Updated 2010) - Zone 2 SCAC Constitution 2010.doc


2.  Member Schools:




Centre Scolaire Leo Remillard

1095 St. Anne’s Road, Wpg., Ph: 256-2831

College Beliveau

296 Speers Road, Wpg, Ph: 255-3205

College Jeanne Sauve

1128 Dakota St. Wpg, Ph: 257-0124

College Louis Riel

585 rue St-Jean Baptiste, Wpg, Ph: 237-8927

College Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau

216 Redonda St., Wpg., Ph: 958-6888

Dakota Collegiate

661 Dakota St. Wpg, Ph: 257-4347

Glenlawn Collegiate

770 St. Mary's Rd. Wpg, Ph: 233-3986

J.H. Bruns Collegiate

250 Lakewood Blvd. Wpg, Ph: 257-2928

Nelson McIntyre Collegiate

Northlands Parkway Collegiate

188 St. Mary's Rd, Wpg, Ph: 237-0219

139 Northlands Parkway East Winkler, Ph: 325-8200

St. John's Ravenscourt

400 South Dr. Wpg, Ph: 477-2400

St. Norbert School

870 St.Therese Ave. St. Norbert, Ph: 269-4920

Steinbach Regional

190 McKenzie Rd. Steinbach, Ph: (204) 326-6426

Westgate Mennonite Collegiate

86 West Gate, Wpg, Ph: 775-7111

Windsor Park Collegiate

1015 Cottonwood Rd. Wpg, Ph: 256-7316



3.  S.C.A.C. Council Executive:


  • President - Darren Johnson (SJR)
  • Vice President - Norm Froemel (JHB)
  • Secretary - Don Cooper (SRSS)
  • Treasurer - Hub Berube (CB)


4. S.C.A.C. Bylaws (2013) -



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